Devil Grrl

Skater name: Amy “Devil Grrl” Hutchins
Skater number: 66
Position: Blocker
Year you started playing for TXRG: Off and on since 2001
Height: 5’6”

Likes: habanero peppers, kitties, deep sea fishing, and boardgame stores

Dislikes: the cost of electricity, running low on printer ink, and instant photobooths that are out of order

Occupation? graphic designer, copy writer, nail biter.

Worst derby injury? A tie between a torn knee in 2005 and busted tailbone getting clipped by D-Bomb while playing Rat City in 2006….we still won :)

Drink of choice? Topo Chico, coffee and good beer

Hobbies? Collecting records, graphic design, film-making, traveling around to small towns in Texas, horror movies, intimate concerts/shows and trailer eateries.

Other sports you have played? Fast pitch softball my entire life along with varsity volleyball, basketball and track and field in high school. Amateur boxing. Does Settlers of Cataan count? I bet it does to Belle Starr

What’s your most embarrassing derby moment? (See injury list) + tripping backwards over a gigantic cone at a very packed boot camp while explaining a drill. Ask Lucille Brawl how awesome it was…

How did you get into derby? I was at Club Deville having a mini-reunion with my college friends and saw a poster in the bathroom for tryouts (the first ones). I just showed up! I wore ‘brownies’ (rental skates) for a month, as did many of us. Team selection back then was as simple as Miss Conduct latching onto my arm saying, ”OK YOU’RE ON MY TEAM!” And so it began…

The quintessential derby girl? Was Bullet Tooth Tracy, Dinah Mite, and all of my inspirational friends who have stuck with this since the beginning to make it the biggest sport in the land.

What are you most thankful for in your life? The semi-ability to do this perhaps past my time :). Just kidding. I’m most thankful for continuing to have a roof over my head, a great family of friends and relatives, being an Austinite and having wonderful support.

What’s the hardest part of being a rollergirl? We have a hard job promoting ourselves and with volunteerism. Behind the scenes can be overwhelming for everyone. This is why we always want and graciously accept non-skater volunteers.

First thing you do after a derby bout: Hah! Shank calls me ”Grammy” because I usually go home. Or maybe it’s because she knows my natural hair color is turning grey…

Fun Facts: Yes. It’s true. I love cats. And birds. No I do not have a canary named “Tweety” and a tuxedo named “Sylvester.” We’re perfectly original around here!

I’m painfully left-handed, and I’m a natural blonde. Don’t hold this against me. I am really good at math, was horrible in English (in school) and now get paid to write.

  • FEB 17
  • MAR 31
  • APR 28
  • MAY 19
  • JUN 23
  • JUL 07
  • AUG 25