Mike Killah

“Dreams come true, not free”

Skater name: Mike Killah
Skater number: 494
Position: Blocker
Years played: Rookie
Height: 5’10’’
Age: 24
Birthday: 08/16/1986

I work at Central Market.

Martial status?
I’m single and looking. I like to go on dates.

Who is your favorite band/musician/group?
My favorite artist is Imogen Heap

What is your most impressive derby injury?
No injuries yet…knock on wood.

Drink of choice at a bar?
I always go with a Screwdriver. Got to get my vitamin C in. It’s almost good for me.

Reading teen books (Yeah, Twilight!!), rollerblading and baking when I feel like making the effort.

Other sports you have played?
swimming, soccer, rowing and rugby

What’s your most embarrassing derby moment?
Not remembering the Hotrod Honey cheer and yelling out “Fight Fight Kill Kill Kill” rather than “Faster Faster Kill Kill Kill” at the Hotrod Christmas Party.

How did you get into derby?
I really hadn’t skated since I was 12. I was always rollerblading but derby looked really fun and I always enjoy hitting people. So, I dusted off the roller skates a couple of weeks before tryouts and figured out the basics. I love YouTube.

Favorite food?
I always say if a five-year-old likes it I like it–Hamburgers and chicken tenders.

Favorite roller derby player?
Voodoo Doll

How did you pick your derby name?
I was singing at a karaoke bar with some of the girls from tryouts and they helped to pick my name. Karaoke turned into a weekly thing (shout out to Common Interest)!

How has roller derby impacted your life?
I am smelly and sweaty a lot more of the time than usual.

What’s the hardest part of being a rollergirl?
Trying to fit other things into your life.

First thing you do after a derby bout:
Rinse off in the sink, throw on some perfume and head out to the after party

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