Rita Menweep

“It’s not the score I’m interested in. It’s the game.” – Mae West

Skater name: Rita Menweep
Skater number: 21
Position: Blocker, Jammer, Pivot
Years played: 4
Height: 10 ft tall, and bulletproof a.k.a 5’6 😉
Age: 21 forever
Birthday: February 11th


What is your most impressive derby injury? I’ve had two cracked ribs in my upper back compliments of Olympia–that one hurt! I’ve fractured my tailbone, separated my shoulder, and had a few nasty knee injuries that left my knee numb to the touch. I’ve also had a concussion.

Other sports you have played? Believe it or not, I’ve never really played team sports. I did attempt softball at one point in high school until I hit a line drive that broke the pitchers nose and decided never to play again. After that, I joined the cheerleading squad until I got kicked off for bad behavior 😉

What’s your most embarrassing derby moment? I would have to say in the 2009 season when my uniform top would fall off after every hit or every fall. At one point I was told that it became a game for Dilla, who apparently would count how many times I’d tug at my shirt during a bout. One of the photographers actually snapped a picture of it. Let’s just say it didn’t make it into the bout photos.

When did you start skating? I’ve been skating since before I could tie my shoes. When I was five years old, I would tie my skate laces into knots and stay outside all day long skating. When I’d come in my dad would have to cut my laces just to get my feet out of my skates. Eventually, I’d have no laces left and would have to wait a few days to get new ones. Skating is the reason I decided to learn to tie my shoes!

Favorite roller derby player? Wow, this one is hard to answer…I have so many! Rice Rocket was my original favorite because of the way she moved though the pack–she made it look so easy. She’s smart, fast and an amazing person. My second favorite is Sarah Hipel aka Killbox. She has really opened my eyes and made me think outside of what I have always been taught. She is fearless and a true innovator of the sport. Bullet Tooth Tracy, Lucille Brawl, Deranged and Suzy Hotrod are just a few others.

What are you most thankful for in your life? I am most thankful for my family, especially my son, and all my crazy friends I’ve met while playing this amazing sport. I couldn’t do it without them. Thanks y’all! <3

How has roller derby impacted your life? Since I’ve started on this wild journey, I have learned a lot about myself. I am learning about both physical and mental toughness and what it means to be a teammate and a leader. I have traveled nationally to compete in a sport and I never imagined any of it would be possible. Derby IS my life and it impacts me every day.

What’s the hardest part of being a rollergirl? The impact it has on your body is crazy. I push myself further than I ever thought I could because I strive to be a better player. I want to be the best, but I have a long way to go. Derby is also a big time-consumer. When I’m not playing, I’m practicing, studying or daydreaming about derby.

Would you like to brag about your skates? I have the most TERRIBLE skates ever! Ha ha! No, seriously…I don’t like altering my skates because I hate the adjustment time it takes to get used to it again. If it’s not broken, I don’t fix it. My wheels are falling apart, but it’s okay, I’ll change them when they stop rolling.

You play several positions, which one is your favorite & why? I play all positions, but blocking is my absolute favorite because there are so many things happening at once. You really have to rely on your instincts so that you can make quick decisions based on what’s happening at that moment. Most of all I love the feeling I get when I knock the snot out of these girls. I love getting hit too; I guess that’s what makes this sport perfect for me.

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