Sandy Ravage

Skater name: Sandy Ravage
Skater number: 86
Position: Blocker
Year started playing with TXRG: 2013
Other league info: I started with TXRG’s Rec league in 2012
Height: 5’4”
Birthday: December 9th

I’m a spreadsheet-loving, uber nerd during the day (I manage a web development shop). I’m just a regular nerd the rest of the time.

Linocut, taking hammock naps, taking care of my dogs, anything outdoors

Favorite Food
Slim Jim. Just kidding. I love Mexican food. I’ve actually forgotten how to eat anything that isn’t wrapped in a tortilla.

Other sports you have played?
I started taking dance as soon as I was potty-trained and kept with it for about 18 years. I played inline roller hockey for a few years in high school and college. I’ve run 7 half marathons and I love to bowl (those are sports, right?).

What’s your most embarrassing derby moment?
In the first jam of my first rec league scrimmage, I managed to block my own jammer at least 3 times… taking both of us completely out twice.

How did you get into derby?
I moved to Austin not knowing anyone and working from home so I was looking for ways to get off my couch and out of my house. In my mind roller derby was the grown-up women’s version of roller hockey. Clearly I had no idea what I was in for, having never seen a bout before, but I fell in love at my first rec league practice.

Favorite roller derby player?
When I grow up, I want to play like Polly Gone or Curvette.

How did you pick your derby name?
I was failing at coming up with a name that was awesome so I crowd-sourced it on Facebook. The brother of a friend actually came up with it. He told me that it had to be “Macho Man Sandy Ravage,” but I dropped the first part… if you’re a child of the 80’s, you get it.

How has roller derby impacted your life?
I now plan everything – meals, laundry, vacation, bathroom breaks – around roller derby.

What’s the hardest part of being a rollergirl?
Finding time to wash AND dry my pads before I need to use them again.

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