Sarah Hipel


Skater name: Hipel/KillBox
Skater number: 989
Position: Jammer, Blocker
Year you started playing for TXRG: 2010
Years played elsewhere: 5 years in Detroit
Height: 5’4

What is your most impressive derby injury? The most impressive story is that Racer broke my sternum with a single legal hit. I didn’t hit the ground and finished the jam with a dozen or so points, then went promptly to the hospital.

Hobbies? Derby?

When did you start skating? How did you get into derby? I started skating when I could walk; my grandma said she almost wouldn’t let me keep skating because I crashed into the walls so much. My dear friend Kat, founder of OHRG, took me to my first practice.

Favorite food? Crawfish

Who inspires you? OJ and Racer as athletes, and my teammates as people. I was also really inspired when my dad died, he told me I could be anything I wanted. I skated as ‘Hipel’ for a lot of years so I would remember that I could be as great as I set my mind to.

What are you most thankful for in your life? family, friends, sunshine, and the mysteries of science

What’s the hardest part of being a rollergirl? Admitting that derby can negatively impact your life at times, like all things, and working to keep a health life/derby homeostasis.

Would you like to brag about your skates? I always have weird old skates! The toes of my skates curl up like one of Santa’s helpers.

Most memorable experience you’ve had with a fan: As the jammer, I stood in the crowd with the fans of Detroit while the score for the overtime jam was added to the scoreboard. The score was per jam so all the points went up at the end of the jam, when the score was tallied we had won the championship game and the crowd erupted.

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