The Killa Sal Monella

“Finish strong.”

Skater name: The Killa Sal Monella
Skater number: 86
Position: Jammer, Blocker
Played derby since: 2008
Year started with TXRG: 2009

Height: 5′ 2″
Birthday: August 7, 1983

Occupation: Restaurant General Manager

Marital Status: Single

How did you get into derby?
Some ladies were starting up a league in Bellingham, Washington and my sister found a flier for tryouts. We both tried out and both of us have been skating since.

Favorite food?
I love cheeses of all kind. I couldn’t imagine a world without it.

What skates do you wear? Reidell 595’s

What’s your favorite wheel brand? I mix it up. No particular favorite.

What’s your favorite way to work out off-skates? I change it up to keep it interesting. Running stairs, taking different classes, and workout videos in my living room all float my boat!

The best piece of derby advice you’ve ever been given… Don’t overthink it.

The best piece of derby advice you’d like to give someone new… Make mistakes and make sure you fall at least once every practice. Always push yourself out of your comfort zone.

What’s the hardest part of being a rollergirl?
What’s the hardest part of being a rollergirl? Not having enough time in the day! Between work, practice and travel it’s hard to balance everything.

Who is your derby idol? Why? White Flight always impressed me. She’s not skating now but she was always so fun to watch.

What is the best derby bout you’ve ever watched? Why? Texas v. Gotham – so close.

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