White Lightnin’

Skater Name: White Lightnin’
Skater Number: 666
Position: Jammer, Blocker, Pivot, BUST YOUR HEAD OPEN BADASS
Team: Hotrod Honeys

Currently serving as one of our meanest referees. Anyone not on her team let out a sigh of relief the day Lightnin moved to the inside of the track. Her bark isn’t even close to the her bite. She isn’t on the roster, but White Lightnin will forever remain one of the most amazing badasses of the Hotrod Honeys. The Texas Rollergirls shoot you the duck. You have always scared the shit out of us!

Origin : Born in the pits of Indianapolis,conceived under the grandstand at the Longhorn Speedway

Theme Song : “Ride the Lightnin’ ” by Metallica

Likes : Machines on wheels and fast guitars

Dislikes : Anything slow

Favorite Weapon : Tire irons

As a young child, Little Lightnin’ dreamed of becoming a mortician, but as fate would have it, she was sidetracked by extreme sports.

“We always knew she would do something bloody insane,”” says Lightnin’s mother, a veteran hot rod driver and 9-time drag race explosion survivor.

Lightnin’ has been in constant battle with the law for reckless driving and the need for speed, but swears, “Officer, it’s just, … it’s in my blood.”

You might catch a glimpse of her at the Skatepark of Austin … if you look fast enough. And it is advised that, if confronted by the Lightnin’, do not think… just run like hell ….

  • FEB 17
  • MAR 31
  • APR 28
  • MAY 19
  • JUN 23
  • JUL 07
  • AUG 11