Chip Queso

Announcer and Bout Coordinator

Years at this job: 9 years Announcer and involved with production / 1st year as BC

Likes: Cheese of course. Anything on 4 or 8 wheels. Talking about derby, especially on mic. Staying young at heart. TXRG family!

Dislikes: Boredom, closed minds, curmudgeons and negativity.

Derby is easily one of the most rewarding things in my life. Thank You TXRG for making that possible!

What do you do at the Texas Rollergirls bout? Coordinate and assure smooth bout production by day and announce the best sport on earth with and about some of the best people ever known by night.

What other teams/leagues have you worked with? I have been so lucky to work with many leagues and tons of derby events around the USA. Concentrated work and Fav’s include HTown, DDD, KC, NC, DRD and Philly. TXRG always comes first, por vida!

What is your outside-of-derby job? Biz development, marketing, sales, promotions, management and entrepreneurial ventures. Head Cheese for derbylove and DAD.

Most ridiculous thing you’ve ever witnessed at a roller derby bout: Anything involving Dumptruck or Belle Starr and especially the famous belly slap contests. So many things around derby are ridiculously awesome! Ask me after some beers.

Your favorite moment at a roller derby bout: Every time TXRG and especially The Texies get on the track! I get chills and a burst of emotion. Even typing about it brings a reaction and pride to my soul. Every moment in derby is special in it’s own right. Damn, I’m cheesy.

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