2014 April Bout Preview

While the first two bout nights of the season were full of emerging stars and incredible game play, this Saturday’s bouts promise to give us a glimpse at how the season may unfold. With every bout and subsequent scrimmage, all four Texas Rollergirls home teams are looking stronger, faster, and hard-hitting, with new strategies on display and game plans being perfected. We are sure to see the most intense games of the season this Saturday. Here is a preview of what to expect:

First up on Saturday, we will see the impressive strength and power of the Hotrod Honeys, who will take on a determined Hustlers crew fresh off a commanding win against the Honky Tonk Heartbreakers last month.

Hotrod Honeys

hotrodsColors: Black and Pink

Players to Watch:
Lucille Brawl
Legal Knieval
Hauss the Boss
Olivia Shootin’ John

The Hotrod Honeys looked aggressive but seemed to be having a great time in their scrimmages since last month’s tight game, in which they narrowly defeated a very tough Hell Marys team. The Hotrods are a team full of incredible jammers, but it has been the blockers who have been stepping up and stepping out in this month’s scrimmages leading up to Saturday’s bout against the Hustlers. While their rotating cast of derby superstars, Hauss the Boss, Olivia Shootin’ John, and Bloody Mary, did the lion’s share of the impressive jamming in scrimmages, there were also very impressive turns at jammer from newcomer Legal Knievel, looking dominant in the blocker position as well. Forceful and successful walls and hits from the likes of Olympia (who was last month’s MVP), Lucille Brawl and Action Jackson have also helped to cement the foundation that very well may lead the Hotrods to the Championship trophy this year. With that kind of power in all positions under the hood, it is hard to imagine anyone catching these Hotrods.


hustlersColors: Purple and Silver

Players to Watch:
Me Shove You Long Time
Fifi Nomenon
The Killa Sal Monella
Molotov M. Pale
Bonnie Blitzkrieg

Following last month’s dominating win over the Honky Tonk Heartbreakers, the Hustlers are looking more like a team that may just be making a run for the Championship after all. With Fifi Nomenon continuing to lay out skaters and with this month’s return of The Killa Sal Monella, it seems like they may just be able to hand the Hotrods their first loss of the season. During scrimmages, there was a lot of impressive blocking by Me Shove You Long Time, Molotov M. Pale and Bonnie Blitzkrieg, while The Killa Sal Monella’s return has given them yet another weapon in their jammer arsenal, dominated by Sprawkett, Molotov M. Pale and Fifi Nomenon. This team is full of heart and incredible skaters. They have a ton of amazing talent and with almost everyone back at full strength, they may just be able to hustle their way over the Hotrods this Saturday.

In Saturday’s second bout, a Hell Marys team that has its sights squarely focused on the Championship trophy go against the ever-evolving power of the Honky Tonk Heartbreakers.

Honky Tonk Heartbreakers

heartsColors: Navy Gingham and Gold

Players to Watch:
Booty Queen
Barbie Got Back
Nine Lives
Sideshow Ho
Deep Dish Nitza

The Honky Tonk Heartbreakers seem focused and determined in scrimmages since falling short of a win in their first two bouts of the season. Their jammer lineup, which features Barbie Got Back and newcomers Deep Dish Nitza and Nine Lives, seems to get harder to stop every time they take to the jammer line. Barbie looked especially powerful in Monday night’s scrimmage against the Hustlers, repeatedly pulling off amazing apex jumps, lapping the pack and racking up points. Booty Queen (returning this month after an ankle injury) and LuAnn Splatter were putting up a powerful defensive stand and looked poised to try to put a stop to the Hell Marys’ jammers on Saturday. It appears that the pieces of this team are coming together nicely, and they are playing with an incredible amount of heart. These ladies may just break the Hells’ hearts this weekend.

Hell Marys

hellsColors: Plaid

Players to Watch:
Notorious D.I.E
Brown Buttah
Dolores Fuertes

The Hell Marys have shown incredible displays of strength, determination and teamwork in their first two games of this season. Their narrow loss to the Hotrod Honeys last month only seems to have energized them in their quest to hoist the Championship trophy in August (perhaps in a rematch of March’s bout). Their family mentality is evident in both scrimmages and games, and with the return of injured powerhouse blockers Rosie and Roller Texas Ranger this month, they may be virtually unbeatable. It was evident in recent scrimmage practices that powerful hits seem to be the new order of the day for the Hells, with serious knockdowns and walls that seem almost impossible to break through. Perhaps even more noticeable though is the impressive jamming in scrimmages from the likes of Sinnerfold, Notorious D.I.E and Peacewar, as well as the increasing jamming power of Brown Buttah. There are a good number of true double threats at jammer and blocker within the Hells’ ranks, which gives them a lot of options and strategies for Saturday’s bout against the Heartbreakers. With all of these skills seemingly running perfectly, the Hells get stronger, more dominant, and even more cohesive with every lap of the track.

This weekend promises to show old and new fans alike the incredible power in both the physical and mental strength of this game. These women are fine-tuned and ready to show you the skill of some of the world’s best derby, and will no doubt leave you wanting more.  

April 19th is X Games Night!


Saturday, April 19th — a night for epic roller derby with an epic partner — it’s X Games Night with the Texas Rollergirls!

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Doors: 5:00 pm / Premium Seating Doors: 4:45 pm
Opening Ceremony: 5:45 pm
Entrance: Hall 5 at 4th & Red River Streets

BOUT 1: Hotrods Hotrod Honeys vs Hustlers Hustlers
BOUT 2: Hells Hell Marys vs Hearts Honky Tonk Heartbreakers

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You won’t want to miss this amazing double header where the so far undefeated Hotrod Honeys take on the Hustlers followed by the Hell Marys taking on last year’s champs the Honky Tonk Heartbreakers. We’ll see you there!

2014 Second Bout Preview

pre-game-rundown-graphicIf the season-opening double headers are any indication, you can sense the intensity this season has to offer. You can’t help but feel we are in for an all-out war on the floor this weekend. All four home teams get stronger, more focused and more intense every time they lace up their skates. Watching these warriors practice, it’s palpable the energy these teams will be bringing back to the Austin Convention Center this weekend in their second double header of the Texas Rollergirls’ 2014 season.

In Saturday’s first bout, we will see the impressive and evolving power of the Hell Marys versus the tenacious, dominant forces we know as the Hotrod Honeys.

Hell Marys

12781797584_eda22b19c3_bColors: Plaid

Players to Watch:
Smarty Pants

 After watching the unyielding determination of the Hell Marys during their season-opening win versus the Hustlers and the incredible strength and teamwork they have been showing at scrimmages since, it is hard not to believe this team may be taking home the Championship trophy this year.  They have a loyal fan base with the Local 666 cheering them on trackside every bout, and you can tell they have really mastered playing as a team with a family mentality. They go for long points, figure out opponents’ strategies quickly and create impenetrable walls. With newcomer Peacewar taking home MVP from their first bout, the return of Smarty Pants (who missed the season opener due to Team USA duties), Rosie (returning from injury) and the solid power of their returning stars like Sinnerfold and Notorious D.I.E, it appears they are becoming an unstoppable force, using and tweaking strategies to take full advantage of the many skill sets their team members have. Saturday night’s matchup against the formidable Hotrod Honeys promises to be a bout to remember when the power and grit of two such storied teams collide. So come on, “Let’s Raise Some Hell!”

Hotrod Honeys

hotrodsColors: Black and Pink

Players to Watch:
Stone Her
Olivia Shootin’ John
Hauss the Boss
Bloody Mary

The Hotrod Honeys have been looking incredibly tough during scrimmages since their commanding win over the Honky Tonk Heartbreakers in the season opener. While they appeared to be working in everyone and trying out a rotating cast of jammers in their first scrimmage, it seems they were back to their familiar All Star jammer cast of Hauss the Boss, Bloody Mary and season opening bout MVP, newcomer Stone Her on Monday night. Olivia Shootin’ John was doing double duty as jammer and blocker, looking intimidating in both positions. Their defense is looking as solid as ever, with Olympia laying skaters out with massive hits in scrimmages and impenetrable walls stopping opposing jammers, while their stable of aggressive and forceful blockers is getting very efficient at clearing lanes for their jammers. Without a doubt, they are ready to prove that, for the Hotrods, their motto of  “Faster, Faster Kill! Kill! Kill!” is more than just a chant; it is a way of life.

In Saturday’s second bout: The return of the ever-challenging Hustlers with their full squad against a Honky Tonk Heartbreakers team that is trying to regain their success of last season and get back into the running for a second straight Championship.

Honky Tonk Heartbreakers

12773117244_190ac10c2a_bColors: Navy, Gingham, and Gold

Players to Watch:
Barbie Got Back
Sideshow Ho
Kitty Karnage
Ruby Wring

It appears the 2013 season Champion Honky Tonk Heartbreakers are adjusting their strategies and mindsets after their season-opening loss to the Hotrod Honeys. These champions looked focused and ready for battle during recent scrimmages. In their first scrimmage against the Hustlers, they seemed focused on trying out new jamming strategies while fine-tuning their walls and working on avoiding the penalties that caused them quite a few challenges in their first bout. With the new, shorter penalties employed, they seemed laser focused on stopping the power of the Hustlers’ jammers since they were able to keep more bodies on the track. Both Kitty Karnage and Barbie Got Back looked great at jammer in both scrimmages. Sideshow Ho also showed she has a lot of skill in avoiding walls and putting points on the board. There is no doubt that these ladies, clad in gingham, plan to “Glitter Done” against the Hustlers Saturday.


hustlersColors: Purple and Silver

Players to Watch:
Fifi Nomenon
Cease Ann Desist
Babe Ruthless

If the last few weeks’ scrimmages are any indication, the Hustlers seem poised and ready for a comeback this season after a disappointing loss to the Hell Marys in their season opener. With the return of Team USA and multiple Whammy Award winner, Fifi Nomenon—a true dual threat at blocker and jammer—you see the full power of a full Hustlers lineup coming to fruition. Every member of this team looks to be getting stronger with every jam. In both scrimmages, there was strong jamming from a rotating cast of amazing skaters, but the level of their defense appears to be getting stronger with every jam. Their motto, “Don’t Stop, Get It Get It!” was on full display as blockers were holding off opposing jammers and taking out anyone in their way. With the impenetrable walls of Bonnie Blitzkreig and Fifi, along with the incredible footwork and strength of jammers and blockers alike, it will be an awesome task for the Honky Tonk Heartbreakers—or any team for that matter—to take them down without one fierce fight.

The incredible athletes of the Texas Rollergirls are ready to continue to dominate the derby world, getting stronger with every turn of the track. The bouts this Saturday are shaping up to be two of the closest matched and hardest fought pairings of the season. Can’t wait to hear those first whistles and settle in to watch the battles unfold? Who will win the wars? We shall find out this Saturday!


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Texas Rollergirls Night with the Texas Stars

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RECAP: 2014 Season Opener – February 22

Hell Marys vs Hustlers

Hustlers Malice JammingDemonstrating a brutal sense of cohesion and defense, the Hustlers dominated the first half of their game. Primarily fielding veteran skater Sprawkett and newcomer Malice as jammers, the Hustlers found themselves in a commanding lead. At halftime, they were over the century mark, strongly leading against the Hells.

The Hell Marys, however, were not taking this or last season’s loss in the final game sitting down.

Returning after halftime, the Hell Marys found themselves re-energized, forcing and taking strong advantage of power jam after power jam. The Hustlers had trouble keeping their jammers out of the box, and despite impressive blocking efforts, were unable to hold the Hells back. Sprawkett noted after the bout that she thought, “Both teams really put forth their full effort. They both played really good on the line, however, I think that the Hell Marys were a little bit better at pushing our players out to the edges, and that was really incredible and it was really hard for our Hustler jammers to push to the middle and it just made for a really close game. It was incredible.”

Hells BabyFace Jamming

The Hell Marys took over in the second half, finishing off the game with a 101-point lead. Notorious D.I.E summed up the bout this way: “I’m just really enthusiastic about the win tonight. I thought that our defense was on point. It is at a better level than it was last season. We’ve got so much chemistry and it feels really good and I’m really excited about the season we’re going to have, and I couldn’t be any prouder of this team, my second family, than I am tonight.”

The Hell Marys’ BabyFace Assassin added, “I feel that the bout went as planned. We practiced really hard and we played really hard and we played as a family, and I think that the scored showed that.”

The final score was 267–166.

New skaters contributed to the success of each of the home teams in this season opener. New Hell Mary and former Detroit Derby Girl The Mad Hatcher reflected on her first bout with the Texas Rollergirls by pointing out that the experience was awesome. “The team is so welcoming. We are family off the track and we are family on the track. I am just really, really happy with how the bout went tonight. [The Hustlers] are an extremely formidable opponent. Because I am a blocker, I am always focused on the jammer, so I told Sprawkett that she was such a pain in our butts tonight. There’s so many of them — Sal, all the jammers were doing a great job. The team as a whole was really challenging. We had to regroup, refocus and keep our cool and stay calm against them.”

Hotrods vs. Heartbreakers

Hotrods & Heartbreakers JammersThe Hotrod Honeys were ready to fight after losing the championship to the Honky Tonk Heartbreakers last season, and they played for keeps as early as the eighth jam. Jams full of hard hits and big point gains were what the Hotrods brought to the table. The Heartbreakers, however, did not give them an easy time of it. Jam after jam, both teams knocked each other around the track.

When all was said and done, this game was a brutal barnburner that still felt exciting to the last whistle, despite the almost 300 point spread. Rarely in a game with such a spread do you feel both teams fighting tooth and nail. “I was so happy to see both teams fighting the whole night and really going at it and being strong,” said Hell Mary skater The Mad Hatcher. That is exactly what happened here.

No matter who fans came to see, they seemed to leave impressed. Best Seat in the House winners Ian Cheever, Abigail Smith and Tom Moore came to see Deep Dish Nitza of the Honky Tonk Heartbreakers. “She is a co-worker. She is a rookie, so this is her first bout and she did really well.” Abigail was also impressed with other skaters as well, saying, “Olympia was a bad ass and Bloody Mary was killing it — lots of muscle on her.”

Heartbreakers vs Bloody MaryOn what they were hoping to see in the future: “We really hope the Honky Tonk Heartbreakers can come back strong in their next bout,” said Abigail. “There were just so many penalties tonight, it seemed like as soon as they came on the track, they were sent right back off but they tried really hard. I’m sure that is really hard when you’re on the track.”

Another fan, Crystal Rivera (who also is a former Texas Rollergirls Rec N’ Rollerderby skater known as Blitz), was anxious to see this second bout. “I really wanted to see the matchup of the Heartbreakers versus the Hotrods again. I wanted to see how they were going to respond after a complete off season and being ready to go after each other again,” she said. “I really don’t have a favorite team. I just really want to come and see some world-class roller derby. This is the second-highest ranked league in the world. I mean, anybody that wants to be on skates or appreciates the game is going to come here and get a good time.”

A good time was definitely had by all. The final score was 378 – 131, but despite the large gap in score, everyone seemed energized by what and who they saw. Everyone is excited for the season to come.

2014 Season Opener Preview

pre-game-rundown-graphicIt is that time of year again. You can feel the momentum and excitement gathering as the first whistle of the season creeps closer. The whoosh of wind as the skaters speed around the track during warm-ups. The sound of announcers greeting the growing masses and the cheering of the crowd. The stomping of skates to the final verse of the national anthem — all building up to that first whistle. The start of a new season, new hope, new skaters, returning stars, teams with something to prove and teams who refuse to lose. The time is here: the Texas Rollergirls’ 2014 season-opening double-header.

First up on Saturday, the revamped Hell Marys versus a very formidable Hustlers crew.

Hell Marys

Hells OpenerColors: Plaid

Players to Watch: 
The amazing rookie class of 2010:
Sinnerfold (Whammy Award winner for Best Hell Marys Jammer)
Notorious D.I.E (Hard-hitting pivot and blocker)
BabyFace Assassin (Whammy Award winner for life of the after-party, quick-footed jammer)

Rising Stars:
BMoney, who is turning into a blocking force to be reckoned with
Brown Buttah
and new Texas Rollergirls: Peacewar and Dolores Fuertes

Attending scrimmages on Monday night, it was hard not to notice the resiliency and strength of this year’s Hell Marys squad. With the addition of impressive and dynamic newcomers like Peacewar and Dolores Fuertes, combined with the skill and abilities of a solid group of powerful returning skaters, it seems they have the Championship in their sights and are ready to “Punch! Punch! Punch! Arrow!” their way to the top.


hustlers-celebrateColors: Purple and Silver

Players to Watch:
Molotov M. Pale
Chasing Amy

Rising Stars:
Sprawkett (Whammy Award winner for most improved player last season and the Whammy Award for Best Hustler Jammer)
Cease Ann Desist
Rookie Malice

The Hustlers were looking forceful and fierce on Monday as well, with some great jamming from Sprawkett and Chasing Amy, who impressively handled the Hotrod defensive wall of Action Jackson and Olympia, in addition to some mighty blocking from Molotov M. Pale and Hustlers’ Most Valuable Spirit Whammy winner, Killer Crouton. It was also exciting to see the commanding return of the real Babe Ruthless. With the moves they were seen putting down on the track, it will be hard to stop them. After all, their motto is “Don’t Stop, Get It Get It!”

Then in Saturday’s second bout, the grudge match return of last year’s Championship game pitting a very determined and talented Hotrod Honeys team versus the defending champion Honky Tonk Heartbreakers.

Hotrod Honeys

hotrodsColors: Black and Pink

Players to Watch:
Hauss the Boss (Whammy Award winner for League Jammer of the Year, Hotrod Honeys Best Jammer and MVP, the Texecutioners’ Best Jammer Award winner)
Bloody Mary (WFTDA Championships MVP)

Rising Stars:
Stone Her
Rookie Legal Knievel

The Hotrod Honeys are a tenacious and talented team and always look ready to take on and run over anyone in their path. On Monday night, Olympia and Action Jackson created some incredible defensive walls while the dominant jamming trifecta of Hauss the Boss, Stone Her and Bloody Mary were a force to be reckoned with, clearly embodying the Hotrod motto of “Faster, Faster, Kill Kill Kill.” There may be no stopping them this year without an incredible defensive stand, but then again, defense is the best offense.

Honky Tonk Heartbreakers

final-1stColors: Blue and Gold

Players to Watch:
Booty Queen
DeBella DeBall
the twin blocking powers of Ruby Wring and Fender Bender

Rising Stars:
Barbie Got Back (Whammy Award winner for Unsung Hero, Heartbreaker Most Valuable Spirit, and Best Assets)
Rookie Nine Lives from Texas Rollergirls’ own Rec-N-Rollerderby

These returning league champions looked solid and determined during Monday night’s scrimmage. They appeared poised to mount a stand to defend their title, which was won in an incredible victory in last year’s Championship that came down to the last jam. They showed up on Monday looking ready to show off some new power in the now healthy Barbie Got Back and the rookies Nine Lives and Deep Dish Nitza. It certainly looks like they are on track to “Glitter Done” and repeat their championship run from last season.

If Monday night’s scrimmages were any indication of the intensity of the Texas Rollergirls home teams, then Saturday night promises to be a season opener that won’t soon be forgotten. Come prepared to cheer on returning favorites, new stars and all of the incredible talent that makes the Texas Rollergirls not only the Godmothers of Flat Track Roller Derby, but also a driving force and perennial powerhouse in the sport they resurrected and rebuilt more than a decade ago.  

2014 Season Kickoff Pep Rally

TXRG - 2014 Pep Rally

Come help us kick off the 2014 season with a Texas Rollergirls happy hour courtesy of Bess Bistro on Saturday, February 15, at 7 pm! Bess Bistro is offering us appetizer & drink specials — come meet some of your favorite skaters and mingle with other fans! Dress up in your favorite home team’s colors to show your spirit.

RSVP to the Pep Rally on Facebook.

And don’t forget to grab your tickets for our season opener at the Austin Convention Center on Feb 22. while you can!

RECAP: 2014 Second Bout – March 22

Hotrods vs. Hell Marys

hellshotrodsAs the first game under the 2014 WFTDA ruleset, this game was highly anticipated. The Hell Marys are a team that definitely has come together this season.  Fan Amber Shastid said before the bout that she had come to see the Hell Marys, “I believe that they are the best team in the league,” she said. Hell Marys’ fan Lynda Taylor, who had come to see her friend B Money, really enjoyed watching the blockers, “My favorite part [of the bout] is watching the blockers all get together and root all the jammers out,” Lynda said.

In this bout though, once the game began, it appeared that it would be a hard road for the Hell Marys to overcome the power of the Hotrod Honeys. The Hotrods dominated early, with StoneHer proving herself to be a strong jammer.

After leading in the beginning of the first half by almost 50 points, the Hotrods lost the lead to the Hell Marys at 49 – 54. The Hotrods took the lead back within a few jams, however, bringing us into halftime with a 103 – 84 lead over the Hell Marys.

stonejammingBoth teams played an exciting, clean game with notably fewer power jams. Superfan and Local 666 member, Mr. Face, said he couldn’t pick out one part of the bout that stood out because they game was full of amazing moments. Throughout the bout, the Hotrods fielded a very strong defense, exhausting the Hell Mary jammers.  Booty Queen, captain of the Honky Tonk Heartbreakers, noted when reflecting on this bout, ““The Hell Marys have been very impressive this season, working together like they’ve been a team for many seasons even though they added three new members in 2014.  They certainly challenged the Hotrods — a team that has consistently been in the Championship game since 2008, and who are known for their strength and aggression.”

At the end, the Hotrods took the win at 237-198.

After all was said and done, Lucille Brawl of the Hotrod Honeys had this to say: “The Hotrods were impressed by the tight strategy and teamwork of the Hell Marys, and especially loved playing against their rookie players! That PeaceWar hits like a train!”

Hustlers vs Heartbreakers

 malicemvpThe second game was an impressive testament to the great improvement of the defense skills of the Hustlers. The strong defense, coupled with the strong jamming by newcomer and game MVP, Malice, brought the Hustlers to an impressive win over the Honky Tonk Heartbreakers. Me Shove You Long Time added, “I’m really proud of the Hustlers with our tight, strong and calm defense. All of our jammers worked really hard and I’d like to give a virtual high five to Molotov M. Pale and Cheezeballs MVP Malice!”

 For their own part, Heartbreakers newcomers, Shiner Blond, Sideshow Ho, and Deep Dish Nitza all fought admirably jam after jam. In one thrilling moment, Sideshow Ho executed a beautiful apex jump, eliciting a gasp from the Austin Convention Center audience. Booty Queen (who missed this bout due to a sprained ankle) added, “I might be biased, but the Heartbreakers played with a lot of heart — see what I did there?”

hojumpThe tide of the game was set early on, with the Hustlers pulling out an early 30-point lead as soon as five minutes into the first half. The Heartbreakers fought hard for every point, but were never able to make up the difference.  Booty Queen added, “Malice skates so effortlessly — it’s like she knows where to go before her teammates create the holes for her, and Sprawkett has continued to improve and I believe this will be her season. It’s always amazing to see Me Shove You Long Time on the jam line, and successfully get lead and score points.  She is a skater who should NEVER be underestimated.”

All in all – it seems like everyone appreciated the hard work and dedication of both teams; with the Hustlers winning: 288 – 142.

Meet our new Crowd Wranglers!

At the start of every season, we get excited about the new skaters who will be representing the Texas Rollergirls on our home teams, and maybe even on our all-star teams, but let’s not forget the other newbies: crowd wranglers! These awesome volunteers help make our bouts exciting and keep our audience thoroughly entertained throughout ALL of the night — even through official time outs!

When you’re at the Convention Center for our first bout, be sure to say hi to our new wranglers:

Bee Stinger

Bee Stinger

black jax

Black Jax



muffin tumble

Muffin Tumble








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