Happy Holidays from the Texas Rollergirls!

Texas Rollergirls would like to wish you happy holidays and thank you for your part in making our 2014 season amazing! We moved into our new home, the practice facility we lovingly call, “The Bloodshed.” The Bloodshed has brought together all of our programs under one roof and has been critical in our continued innovation in roller derby, none of which would have been possible without your generous support.

Additional 2014 Highlights:
We are excited to announce the introduction of the Texas Rollergirls Junior All-Stars this year! These young women, aged 8-17, are mentored and trained by our world-renowned All-Star travel team, the Texecutioners, who are ranked 5th in the world.

Our travel B-team, the Firing Squad, finished an undefeated season (5-0), competing in a tournament and games across the U.S.

The 2nd Roller Derby World Cup was recently held in Dallas, Texas, where ten of our skaters competed representing various countries:

Team Canada: Sarah Hipel
Team Greece: Bullet Sucker, Molotov M. Pale, SideShow Ho
Team Norway: Kategory 5
Team South Africa: Booty Queen
Team USA: Fifi Nomenon, Polly Gone, Smarty Pants, Trauma

Along with competing, the Texas Rollergirls hosted and trained hundreds of international skaters, as well as a handful of leagues, hailing from South Africa, The Netherlands, Colombia, France, Argentina, Greece, Norway, Ireland and Mexico.

The Texas Rollergirls are the founders of modern roller derby and are referred to as the “godmothers” to hundreds of leagues around the world. As we continue to lead the way in developing the sport, we are also committed to our community volunteering in programs, like Keep Austin Beautiful street clean-up. With your support we can continue these programs that touch so many lives both here at home and around the world.

As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, Texas Rollergirls are supported and operated by volunteers, which includes our skaters, referees, non-skating officials, fans, parents, children, and you!

We would greatly appreciate your continued support to keep us rolling in 2015!

2015 VIP Smack Packs and season passes ON SALE NOW!

christmas graphic

Get your 2015 VIP Smack Packs and season passes NOW! They make a perfect gift for your derby-loving friends, or treat yourself!

VIP Smack Packs are truly the best way to enjoy the Texas Rollergirls
With the VIP Smack Pack, you’ll get early entry into the games, laminated VIP credentials (to show that you’re a TRUE derby fan!), premier seating, visits from your favorite skaters, and the undying love of the Texas Rollergirls!
Adult Smack Packs are only $125.00
Kid Smack Packs (ages 3-12) are only $60.00

Want to enjoy derby the cheapest way possible? Go for our season passes — only $10 per bout for adult passes, this is absolutely the best deal on tickets you’ll find! Kids season passes (ages 5-12) are only $30.00!

Texas Rollergirls at the World Cup!


The Roller Derby World Cup takes place in Dallas from December 4-7, and Texas Rollergirls is proud to say that 8 of our own will be competing (including 2 of our 2015 season rookies)!

Smarty Pants – Team USA
Polly Gone - Team USA
Fifi Nomenon – Team USA
Trauma – Team USA
Sarah Hipel – Team Canada
Booty Queen – Team ZA (South Africa)
Bullet Sucker – Team Greece
Sideshow Ho – Team Greece
Molotov M. Pale – Team Greece
Kategory 5 – Team Norway

If you find yourself in Dallas this weekend, be sure to stop by the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center to cheer on your Texas Rollergirls as they skate with and against women from all over the world. The full schedule of games can be found here. The first game starts Thursday, Dec. 4, at 9 am, and the championship bout will be played the evening of Sunday, Dec. 7. You can also watch all of the games live online at RollerDerbyWorldCup.com.

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December Open Skate

Friday Night Lites

December’s Friday Night Lites will be happening on a Wednesday! Texas Rollergirls would like to invite all World Cup visitors and local skaters to join us on Wednesday, December 10, for an open scrimmage.

What: Open Skate Scrimmage (no officials!)
When: Wednesday, December 10, 7 PM-10 PM
Where: The BloodShed
Bring: Black & white numbered shirts
Cost: $10 cash (Please bring exact change)

Scrimmage will start no later than 8. Come and play derby where it all started!

Rec League: Orientation

rec league orientation edited

Roller derby.  You’ve heard about it, now come learn to play the fastest growing sport in America with the league that started it all!  The Texas Rollergirls recreational league is looking for a few good women to join us on the track!  No experience necessary, the Texas Rollergirls will teach you everything you need to know to play flat track roller derby.  Practice once or twice a week, and when you’re ready, invite your friends and family to see you rule the track in one of our intraleague scrimmages!

Join us for an orientation at our practice space, The BloodShed, (6110 Trade Center Drive, Suite 101b, Austin TX 78744) on Friday, December 12, at 7 PM.

Registration for our Spring session opens on December 12th.  We skate on Thursday nights and Sunday mornings.

2015′s Rec Session Schedule:
Session 1: 1/4 – 3/15
Session 2: 3/29 – 6/14
Session 3: 6/28 – 8/16
Session 4: 9/13 – 11/22

For more information: http://www.texasrollergirls.org/rec-derby/ or email us at recleague@texasrollergirls.org

It’s Not Too Late: Sign Up for Jr League Today!


The Texas Rollergirls Jr League officially started back up on September 7, but it’s not too late to sign up! Registration is still open, so sign up your junior skater today.

Fall Session 2014: September 7th to November 23rd
Practice Times: Sundays: 1pm to 2:30pm, Wednesdays: 6:30pm to 8:00pm
Bout Dates: September 28th, October 26th, November 23rd

2015 Texas Rollergirls Home Teams

2015 txrg header


The Texas Rollergirls are looking forward to another fantastic year of flat track roller derby! We’re thrilled to announce our home team rosters! VIP Smack Packs and season passes will be available to purchase in December, first game tickets will be available in January! We can’t wait to see you at the games!

2015 Hell Marys Let’s raise some Hell! 

Dolores Fuertes #888 — Captain
Angel O #22 — Co-Captain
Angela Momentum #45
BabyFace Assassin #4’10 ½”
Brown Buttah #12
Bullet Sucker #950
Gravy, Baby! #33
Mini Massacre #3
The Mad Hatcher #10/6
PeaceWar #27
Rosie #51
Virgo Vengeful #914
Violet Riot #860

2015 Honky Tonk Heartbreakers Break ‘em, break ‘em, Heartbreakers!

Shiner Blond #51 — Captain
Danke Shame #999 — Captain
Babe Ruthless #99
Big Nasty #8
Booty Queen #000
Cease Ann Desist #812
Critical Sass #405
Deep Dish Nitza #88
Fender Bender #25
Hauss the Boss #55
Headless Highness #319
Luann Splatter #699
Nine Lives #9
Ruby Wring #52
Sideshow Ho #808
Thugs Bunny #13
Trauma #15

2015 Hotrod HoneysFaster, faster, kill kill kill!

LaVooDoo #32 — Captain
Slamdra Dee #59 — Co-Captain
Olivia Shootin’ John #03
Punkin’ Dominion #4×4
Lucille Brawl #56
Legal Knieval #1693
Stone Her #420
Bo Jacks’em #34
DeBella DeBall #12
MariEZ Livin’ #1982
Action Jackson #24
Kategory 5 #5
Sum Ho #14

2015 HustlersDon’t stop, get it get it!

Mostly Harmless #42 — Captain
Malice #21 — Co-Captain
Fifi Nomenon #108
Me Shove You Long Time #2
Scrape Myrtle #11:11
Bad Influence #56
Molotov M. Pale #19
Bittercup #813
The Killa Sal Monella #86
Killer Crouton #3-15
CC Boom #100
Couch Crasher #8
Wild Carnage #217
Nicki Ticki Timebomb #9

2014 Annual Tryouts


Have you ever dreamed of being a part of the Texas Rollergirls? Now is your chance to show us what you’ve got!

WHEN: Wednesday, October 1 & Thursday, October 2
WHERE: The BloodShed, 6110 Trade Center Drive, Suite 101B
TIME: 8-10PM both days; the space will be open at 7PM on Wednesday to check in & warm up/wheel test
WEAR: You must wear full gear: helmet, mouthguard, knee, wrist, and elbow pads. Your skates must have toe stops or plugs. Bring both black and white shirts. You will be assigned a number to wear during the tryout. Bring a sharpie to write your number on your arms.
COST: $25.00 per person, pay cash or check at the door (Waived for currently enrolled Rec League skaters)

There will be cuts during the two day tryout period, and the remaining skaters will be invited to a 3 week training tryout period. There is a $30 fee for the 3-week new pool training. However, this fee is waived for skaters currently enrolled in our recreational league. The $30 can be paid in cash or check on the first day of new pool training.

New pool trailing will take place on Monday and Wednesday nights. Off skates workout from 7:15-7:45PM. Skating 8-10PM. Same as league practice.

Need more information? Email tryouts@texasrollergirls.org.

RECAP: 2014 Championship Bout

Honky Tonk Heartbreakers v. Hustlers

heartsvhustlersAfter a regrouping season following the loss of some of their longest-standing veterans, the Honky Tonk Heartbreakers put up a valiant fight against the Hustlers in the 2014 Championship Third Place Bout. Unfortunately, their valor was not enough, leading to a hard fought loss to the Hustlers.

The Hustlers established a strong lead very early in the game, and the Heartreakers were never quite able to catch up. Despite jams full of skilled defense, Hustler jammers such as Sprawkett, Malice, and a formerly rarely jammed Fifi Nomenon, skipped around Heartbreaker walls with ease.

Fielding their rookie jammers Sideshow Ho, Deep Dish Nitza, Nine Lives, and Shiner Blond, the Heartbreakers made an earnest effort. However, the Hustlers, whose defensvie walls have improved dramatically over this season alone, proved too strong in most cases.

The Hustlers had a nearly fifty-point lead by the end of the first half, and that gap only widened as the second half continued.

The Hustlers won with a final score of 256 – 136.

Hell Marys v. Hotrod Honeys

14930002436_6e295085f1_bIn the fight for the #1 spot, The Hotrod Honeys were eager to defend their amazing 2014 record. Unfortunately, the Hell Marys pulled off the same feat as last year’s Honky Tonk Heartbreakers, squeaking out a last-minute win. In what may have been the most exciting bout of the entire season, both the Hotrods and the Hells played smart, fast, defensive games.

The Hotrods established an early lead, and kept it going through the entire first half. Incredible jamming by Smarty Pants in the second half brought us our first of several lead changes, taking us to 99-98, in favor of the Hells. The Hotrods recovered, but several jams later, Babyface Assassin repeated the trick with a jaw-dropping 28-point jam.

Then, after a run of 25 points by the Hotrods over several jams with no scoring by the Hells, Babyface Assassin, Smarty Pants, and Sinnerfold tightened up the score in nail-biting jams bringing us to the final jam.

In the last jam, with seemingly the entire convention center on its feet, Sinnerfold tipped the balance, ending her career on a heart stopping 161 – 158 win for her Hell Marys.


Championship Bout Preview


The time has come…. CHAMPIONSHIPS! If last year’s nail biting overtime win is any indication of the kind of excitement Championships promises, then Saturday’s Championship bout truly should be one for the ages.  All four teams have trained and fought all season to get to these bouts and they will leave it all on the track for each other and their fans.

In Saturday’s first bout: The Hustlers head into a battle for third place against the Honky Tonk Heartbreakers.  These two teams have have grown and become more powerful and cohesive with each bout, and will be showcasing all of that teamwork, determination and skill in their last battle of the season.  With a talent pool so deep and a desire to win so strong, we are clearly in for a fight to the finish to head into the off-season with a win and third place standing for the season.


hustlersColors: Purple and Silver

Players to Watch:
Bitter Cup
Cease Ann Desist
MariEZ Livin’
Chasing Amy

The Hustlers are a team with an incredible well of talent and clearly calculated strategy in their gameplay.  They have looked impressive all season long and their individual strengths and skills have been capitalized on and woven into a quilt full of promise and determination. In recent scrimmages, the power of their jammer rotation has been looking fine-tuned and ready to dominate on Saturday.  Sprawkett, Cease Ann Desist, and Fifi Nomenon have looked especially powerful and agile; weaving and pushing their way through packs with a singular determination to grab lead jammer and put points on the board at any cost.  Paired with increasingly dominant blocking from MariEZ Livin’, Bitter Cup, and Chasing Amy make this Hustler squad seem destined for success in their last bout of the season.  The Hustlers’ skills are only outdone by their determination to capitalize on every skater’s strengths to create the most powerful lineup with every jam.  It is clear that the Honky Tonk Heartbreakers will have to use every weapon in their arsenal to take down the Hustlers when they head into battle on Saturday.

Honky Tonk Heartbreakers

heartsColors: Navy Gingham and Gold

Players to Watch:
Shiner Blond
Booty Queen
Nine Lives
Sideshow Ho

The Honky Tonk Heartbreakers have developed so much as a team over this season and Saturday is their chance to really showcase all of their growth and finish the season with a win against a very strong Hustler team.  The Heartbreakers won the Championships last year, but many of their skaters retired, leaving them to use this year to reboot and develop as a new team featuring many fresh faces and talented transfers.  With every scrimmage and bout they have looked stronger as a team.  This Saturday is their chance to put all of that teamwork and strategic gameplay on display.  In scrimmage against the Hotrods, the Heartbreaker defense was on full display and was looking very solid as DeBella DeBall, Booty Queen, and Big Nasty showcased both hard hits and inflexible walls, while holding back some of the most powerful jammers in the league.  Headless Highness, Luann Splatter, and Danke Shame also displayed their blocking prowess and looked poised to hold back the Hustler jammers on Saturday.  The jammer rotation of Deep Dish Nitza, Nine Lives, and Shiner Blond looked agile, powerful, and determined as they fought through some of the league’s most feared blockers.  This Heartbreaker squad has a ton of heart and the skills to match, this is the time for them to show that that heart can’t be broken.

Saturday’s second bout is what many fans have been waiting for all season: watching the two best teams of the season fight it out for the coveted Championship trophy.

We will see two teams who have worked and trained incredibly hard and who will battle using all of that training and skill to reach the top.  The Hell Marys have turned into an incredibly well-oiled machine, developing each skater’s potential to the maximum, all the while creating a family-like loyalty that makes them even stronger.  The Hells will be facing a Hotrod Honeys team that hasn’t slipped up all season, and who have used their many talents to become a team that seems almost unbeatable with their blend of world class jamming and incredible blocking.  So, will it be the titans in black and pink or ferocious family in red plaid?  Join us Saturday to find out…

Hotrod Honeys

hotsColors: Black and Pink

Players to Watch:
Lucille Brawl
Bo Jacks’em
La Dolce Beatah

There is only one team that has managed to remain undefeated through the regular season and has done so with unparalleled power that both mystifies and intimidates: the Hotrod Honeys. The undefeated Hotrods have dominated the competition and appear ready to ride that momentum through Saturday’s game –  seizing the Championship trophy.   The Hotrods continue to look impressive in scrimmages since last bout and have further deepened their talent pool at every position.  They showcased their undeniable strength at the jammer position with a rotating cast featuring all-stars Hauss the Boss, Olivia Shootin’ John, and Stone Her, while also adding fresh talent to that rotation with some impressive turns at jammer from LaVooDoo.  OJ looked especially impressive as she used the inside line, found holes, plowed her way through packs, and even jumped the apex to rack up points as they took on the Heartbreakers in scrimmage last week.  Their defense continues to grow in power as well, adding newcomer Bo Jacks’Em to an already seemingly impenetrable blocking force, featuring Olympia, La Dolce Beatah, and Lucille Brawl.   The Hotrods look ready and anxious to take the track Saturday and race all the way to a victory lap holding the Championship trophy- the only roadblock could be the Hell Marys.

Hell Marys

hellsColors: Plaid

Players to Watch:
Brown Buttah
The Mad Hatcher

The Hell Marys have worked all season to get to the championship game with their only losses coming at the hands of the Hotrods.  Championships are their time to use all of the skills they have developed to focus their energy and talent to overcome their last challenge- defeating the undefeated Hotrods.  In both previous bouts this season, the Hells have only lost to the Hotrods with losses by 39 and 44 points respectively (for reference the Hotrods’ next closest win was by 171 points to the Hustlers).  If one team can close that gap, it will be the Hell Marys.  The Hells have looked strong in scrimmage and are poised to attack on Saturday.   In scrimmages last week against the Hustlers, Sinnerfold shined at jammer using outside lanes and weaving through opposing blockers to maximize her points.  Brown Buttah looked impressive as well, even capitalizing on a power jam against Hustlers.  The power of the Hell Marys’ jammers in conjunction with the strength of the Hell Marys blockers is an incredible combination.   The Hells’ defense was on full display at scrimmage as well with walls by Angel O, Sandy Ravage, and The Mad Hatcher looking very solid and with some big hits by Notorious D.I.E and SlaughterMelon.  Saturday promises to give us an incredible battle between this clan of warriors in plaid when they face off against the Hotrod Honeys in the war for the title of Texas Rollergirls Champions.

We have watched, cheered and waited all season long, and Saturday’s Championship bouts promise to give us the toughest, most impressive skating of the season as every team fights to grab that last win, whether for 3rd place or the Championship trophy.  Join us for the final bouts of the season! Get your tickets TODAY

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