Could that coach BE YOU?



This is your chance to guest-coach the Texas Rollergirls in what is sure to be the most fun game of the year – the Naturally Fit Games DREAM TEAM Exhibition Bout! YOU DON’T NEED EXPERIENCE – you just need to love the Texas Rollergirls and love derby! The chosen coaches can do as much or as little as they like – depending on your coaching style – you may want to give input for fielding lines or just sit on the bench and watch your team play!


EMAIL by Wednesday, July 16 by midnight with a photo of yourself (bonus for showing us your best derby-coach-style attire!) and a few words about why you should be one of 2 guest coaches for the Naturally Fit Games DREAM TEAM BOUT.

Starting Thursday, July 17 our fans and skaters will VOTE for their favorite coach by LIKING & SHARING the photo that you give us on facebook. And by the end of the day on Friday, July 18 we will name the 2 guest coaches!

- COACH YOUR TEAM ON GAME-DAY (Again, no experience required. This is for-fun – but, you may want to work on an inspirational speech to pump your team up.)
- 2 VIP tickets to the Naturally Fit Games double header
- 2 all-day expo passes to the Naturally Fit Games
- The honor of being a Texas Rollergirls coach


You’ve seen them play but, never like this — it’s the Texas Rollergirls like never before.


Athletes from all four home teams as well as our all-star teams are coming together to skate in the DREAM TEAM bout at 6pm followed by the first public bout by our friends, Austin’s mens derby team Austin Anarchy! And with the price of your ticket to derby you get ALL-DAY entrance to the Naturally Fit Games!

Saturday, July 26
DOORS: 5pm
GAME 1: 6pm – Texas Rollergirls DREAM TEAM
GAME 2: 7:45pm – Austin Anarchy – Austin’s Mens Derby Team

Who would you choose for your DREAM TEAM!?
Check out the skaters that will be drafted to teams by their GUEST COACHES:

Babe Ruthless
Babyface Assassin
Bad Influence
Barbara Ambush
Big Nasty
Bo Jacks’em
Cease Ann Desist
Critical Sass
Danke Shame
Dolores Fuertes
Hauss The Boss
Headless Higness
Kat Von Speed
La Dolce Beatah
The Mad Hatcher
MariEZ Livin’
Molotov M. Pale
Mommy Rotten
Mostly Harmless
Nine Lives
Notorious D.I.E
Punkin Dominion
Sarah Hipel
Sideshow Ho

and returning FOR ONE NIGHT ONLY we are thrilled to welcome back these four retired skaters:
Acute Angel, now of Nashville Rollergirls
The Angie Christ, now of Houston Roller Derby
Skullyvera, now of Alamo City Rollergirls
Speedyrella, now of San Antonio Derby Dolls

July 13 Bout Preview

In the only Sunday bout of the season, the skaters of the Texas Rollergirls’ home teams will be returning to the Austin Convention Center to solidify their season rankings going into Championships on August 16th.

In Sunday’s first bout: The Honky Tonk Heartbreakers are looking to capitalize on all of their growth this season with their first win against a dominant Hell Marys squad.

Honky Tonk Heartbreakers

April BoutColors: Navy Gingham and Gold

Players to Watch:
Fender Bender
Ruby Wring
Sideshow Ho
Big Nasty

The evolution of the Honky Tonk Heartbreakers this season has been stunning to watch.  With every practice, they see more determined to become the best team they can be by building on each skaters’ strengths.  While this season has been a rebuilding year with many new faces, it is incredibly evident that this team is working towards greatness.  The Heartbreakers looked well-oiled and ready to fight in recent scrimmages.  The incredible blocking power of Booty Queen, Fender Bender, and Ruby Wring was on clear display in Monday night’s scrimmage.  The return of Big Nasty was also highlighted Monday by some agile jamming. The ladies in gingham look more fluid in all positions and there has clearly been a lot of growth at the jammer position with Kitty Karnage, Shiner Blond, and Sideshow Ho looking skillful and dynamic; there were also some great stands at blocker with the veterans and newcomers alike putting up some impenetrable walls and devastating hits.

Hell Marys

hearts vs hellsColors: Plaid

Players to Watch:
Dolores Fuertes
Sandy Ravage
Angel O

The Hell Marys are one win away from heading into Championships to try once more to take down the powerhouse Hotrod Honeys squad, and if Monday night’s scrimmages were any indication, they are ready for the fight.  The incredibly athletic jamming from jammers BabyFace Assassin, Brown Buttah, and PeaceWar makes it clear that this team has worked hard to perfect just how to get points on the board while using the astonishing defensive power of the Hell Marys blockers.  Dominant defense was on display Monday night as well with Notorious D.I.E and Dolores Fuertes looking especially commanding at blocking.  This team has a family mentality and it is clear that each player has learned and worked hard to be their best to make their unit as strong and consistent as possible.

In Sunday’s second bout we will see two teams fresh off of home team wins.  The Hustlers have become increasingly more forceful with every bout and will need to showcase all of their skills when they take on the undefeated Hotrod Honeys, who are looking to continue their winning streak as they head into Championships next month. 


Sprawkett JammingColors: Purple and Silver

Players to Watch:
Fifi Nomenon
Me Shove You Long Time
Molotov M. Pale

In Monday night’s scrimmage, the Hustlers were focusing on every aspect of their game play as they head into battle against the Hotrod Honeys this weekend.  Fresh off their 269-195 win against the Heartbreakers, the Hustlers look to be capitalizing on all of their strengths as they prepare for Sunday.  Jammers Sprawkett and Malice looked especially impressive as they cut through opposing packs and dodged bit hits. Defense from Me Shove You Long Time, MariEasy Livin’, and Fifi Nomenon looked almost impenetrable.  These women have only gotten stronger with every bout and have grown in both strength and power.  Transfer (from B.ay A.rea D.erby Girls), Killer Vee, has also given them another double threat on offense and defense.  This team has shown incredible growth at every position and these purple powerhouses are poised to upset the undefeated Hotrods and go into Championships stronger than ever.

Hotrod Honeys

Hots vs HustlersColors: Black and Pink

Players to Watch:
Kat Von Speed
Punkin’ Dominion
Action Jackson
Maso Kiss

The undefeated Hotrod Honeys are clearly a force to be reckoned with and only seem to get more compelling as the season rolls on.   The Hotrods were looking solid and dominant on Monday night as they seemed unyielding at every position. Kat Von Speed has rejoined her team and looks tenacious on defense.  Hauss the Boss and Bloody Mary continued their onslaught of power jamming and Punkin’ Dominion, Action Jackson, and Maso Kiss created staunch defensive stands against a strong Hell Marys jamming offensive.  The Hotrods are undefeated, and all of their skaters seem to be incredibly versatile at all positions.  Their tactical game play is laser-focused and clearly aims to dismantle their opponents by taking advantage of any gaps in defense, and any misstep on offense.  The Hotrods can solidify their undefeated run to Championships on Sunday and it will take quite a roadblock to stop them.

Sunday’s bouts are set to be some of the most exciting action of the season with plenty of points to prove and scores to settle heading into Championships.  The whole season builds up to these last two bouts and everyone will leave all they have worked and trained for on the track. 

First Responders Discount

first responders discountTexas Rollergirls would like to thank all first responders by offering a special discount of $5 off tickets to our double header this Sunday, July 13, at the Austin Convention Center. Get your ticket at the door for just $10!

Doors open at 4 pm and the first whistle blows at 5 pm. Your ticket is good for both bouts, so be sure to stick around for the second game starting at 6:45 pm!


2014 Annual Raffle

raffle image

Buy raffle tickets from your favorite Texas Rollergirl today!
Raffle winners will be drawn at our Championship bout, Saturday, August 16.
You don’t need to be present to win – but why wouldn’t you be?!


“Skate Like a Pro!” 
Train, eat, and relax like our all-star Texecutioners!
Donated by:
Barbara Ambush
Smarty Pants
Hauss the Boss
Fifi Nomenon
Massages by DeBella DeBall
Medusa Skates
Snap Kitchen

“Family Fun Night!” 
Ice cream, burgers & snakes, oh my!
Donated by:
Amy’s Ice Cream
Lick Ice Cream
P. Terry’s
Animal World & Snake Farm Zoo
Austin Zoo & Animal Sanctuary

“Date Night!” 
Enjoy a night out on the town — includes a show & babysitting!
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East Side Cafe
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Uncle Billy’s

Especially for Texas Rollergirls super fans!
Two VIP Smack Packs for the 2015 season PLUS Texas Rollergirls merchandise!

Thank you to everyone who has donated to our 2014 raffle!

Our annual raffle is a Texas Rollergirls fundraiser! The Texas Rollergirls are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, and we are truly grateful for all of your generous donations!

Current Standings

july13boutCome watch the Texas Rollergirls on Sunday, July 13, as they roll the weekend closed and roll closer to the end of the season.  If you haven’t been out yet this season, time is running out, with only three bouts left at the Austin Convention Center.

So far this season, the undefeated Hotrod Honeys (5-0) have got a strong grasp on the first place ranking.  With a 2-3 record, and ranked third, the Hustlers might razzle-dazzle their way to the second place ranking if they can cut off the fuel from the Hotrods’ fire.

The Hell Marys will be saying their prayers to ensure the same gameplay that has locked them into a strong second place ranking with a 3-2 record. But miracles do happen, and Honky Tonk Heartbreakers are more than ready to lasso in a win for their upset season with a record of 0-5.

Come see how the points are spread when the dust settles.  The teams to watch are the Hell Marys and the Hustlers as they both battle for the second-place bragging rights.  If they both end up with a 3-3 record, our officials will use accumulative season points to determine the rankings.  Right now the Hell Marys are sitting pretty with 1097 season points, and the Hustlers have their work cut out with 900 points in the bank.

 Regardless of the rankings, you know all the teams will bring their best game to show off the hard work and training that has gone in to the 2014 season.  Be sure to study the Texecutioner roster, so you can see those all-stars in action as they skate on their home teams.  Tournament season is just around the corner, and these athletes are ready to represent Austin, Texas for the entire world to see.

July 13 Bout Time Change

time changes july 13The next Texas Rollergirls bout is happening on Sunday, July 13! Because it’s a Sunday and we understand not all of our fans want to be out late, we are moving the first whistle up an hour to 5 pm.

Here is the schedule for Sunday, July 13:

3:45 pm: Premium Seating early admission
4:00 pm: Doors open to everyone
4:45 pm: Opening ceremony
5:00 pm: Whistle blows

The match ups on Sunday, July 13, will be:

BOUT 1: Hells Hell Marys vs Hearts Honky Tonk Heartbreakers
BOUT 2: Hotrods Hotrod Honeys vs Hustlers Hustlers

You won’t want to miss these exciting games, so make sure to get your tickets now!

Junior Summer Clinics

JR clinics1

Firing Squad are leading and training 3 1-Day Junior Summer Clinics. Juniors will learn blocking and jamming skills as well as learning strategy to defeat their opponents. Get trained by Firing Squad members such as Sinnerfold, Babyface Assassin, and Ruby Wring. Sign up now!

“PopRoxie had the best time at today’s Blocking Clinic! She loved skating with the Firing Squad and is looking forward to the remaining 2 clinics.” -MamaRoxie

For the two remaining clinics we have shortened the day:
8am – 9am: WARMUP
9am – noon: SKATING DRILLS  (including foot work, skating form, strength, endurance, and scrimmage drills)

The drills that we will be leading are written by the Firing Squad and the Texecutioners. We will be working one-on-one and in groups with the junior skaters to ensure a fun and productive learning environment!

NOTE: There will also be a BEGINNER class within the clinic for any skater who has all of their own gear and skates and wants to start learning the basics of junior roller derby!

$40 per skater

Junior Summer Clinic 2 - Saturday, July 12 JAMMING
The Texas Rollergirls’ Firing Squad will host a jammer skills clinic and have their top-level jammers teach you the tricks and skills they use to dominate opponents! Clinic runs from 9:00AM-12:00PM on Saturday, July 12th. Doors will open at 8:00AM for warm-up and gear up. One general admission ticket for the July 13th Texas Rollergirls bout at the Austin Convention Center will be included with bootcamp registration.

Junior Summer Clinic 3 - Saturday, August 9 STRATEGY
The Firing Squad will host a strategy clinic to teach you how to set up plays and execute them successfully! Clinic runs from 9:00AM-12:00PM on Saturday, August 9th. Doors will open at 8:00AM for warm-up and gear up. Please bring a black and white shirt for scrimmaging.

Junior Summer Clinic 1 - Saturday, June 21 BLOCKING – COMPLETE

RECAP: 2014 Third Bout – April 19

Hotrod Honeys vs. Hustlers

Hots vs HustlersFacing off for the first time this season, the Hustlers and Hotrod Honeys came together for a tough fight. The Hotrods pulled out an early lead, tirelessly defending against the jamming talents of Fifi Nomenon, Molotov, and The Killa Sal Monella.

The Hustlers have been showing stronger defense this season, but newcomer Stone Her and Texecutioner, Hauss the Boss brushed it off like it was nothing.   

In the middle of the first half, Hauss the Boss executed an epic 30-point power jam, laughing in the face of the shortened penalty times put in place by the new WFTDA ruleset.

At halftime, the Hotrods had a modest lead over the Hustlers at 41 – 24 and it looked like the game could go either way, as Hustler Fifi Nomenon said regarding the game, “We really wanted to play this game positive and strong as a team and really just go out there and executing the things we’ve been working on. I was very excited for Molotov M. Pale- she played some really excellent offense and she had very fast switching from defense to offense; also Sprawkett’s jamming was really impressive; she just kept on going and just had really, really strong offense.”

Sprawkett JammingIn the second half, the Hotrods pulled out all the stops, leading to a final score of 240 – 69, in favor of the Hotrod Honeys.  Fifi noted after the bout, “While we may not have won the game- in many ways it feels like a win for our team for those reasons: that we succeeded in doing what we wanted to do – playing strong and keeping things positive.”

The Hotrods’ captain, Olympia summed up the game by saying, “Hotrods play as a team and each one of us has a role we play.  We have jammers, blockers, communicators and big hitters.  When we play our roles to the best of our abilities, for each other, we are victorious. WE. ARE. HOTRODS!”   Stone Her added, “We had really great teamwork, we only played with 10 people and it was really important for us to stay focused as a team, and really keep that bond and not let any of the other players get into our space.” When asked if anyone in particular stood out, Stone Her added, “No, not at all. We all had to shine since there were only 10 of us so it was really important  that everyone had their best game.”


Hell Marys vs Honky Tonk Heartbreakers

hearts vs hellsAlso facing off for the first time this season were the Hell Marys and the Honky Tonk Heartbreakers. This game started out as a much slower burn than the Hotrods vs Hustlers, but the Hell Marys pulled far ahead in the second half, finishing the game a full century ahead of the Heartbreakers.

With a formidable rotation of Sinnerfold, BabyFace Assassin, and Peacewar, the Hell Marys jammers dominated the game. The Heartbreakers made a valiant effort themselves, heavily rotating Deep Dish Nitza, Sideshow Ho, and Shiner Blond.

In the second half, however, the Hell Marys proved to have the stronger defense, keeping the cowbells silent and the point spread wide.

Both teams played a pretty clean game, leaving little time for balance-tipping pack advantages and power jams.

The final score was 256 – 156, in favor of the Hell Marys.

Honky Tonk Heartbreakers captain Booty Queen shared her insight, “The Honky Tonk Heartbreakers versus the Hell Marys bout saw an incredibly close score through half time.  The Heartbreakers are in somewhat of an opposite member situation as the Hotrod Honeys with half of their bench being new to the Texas Rollergirls this season so we are celebrating this bout as a win.  We may have lost the score, but we won the battle — overcoming our ‘newness’ as a team and executing our first competitive home bout.  The Hell Marys were victorious though; they are such a close team that works together very successfully as a unit.  We enjoyed every minute of the bout, and can’t wait to do it again on May 10th!”

RECAP: 2014 June 14 Bout

Visiting us from Denver, Colorado, the Denver Roller Dolls’ A and B teams — the Mile High Club and Bruising Altitude respectively — tackled our Texecutioners and Firing Squad in an exciting double-header.

Mile High Club vs Texecutioners


Photo © Jennifer Ramos

In the headline bout between the Texecutioners and The Mile High Club, both teams exhibited excellent defense, but the Texies’ offense proved stronger. This was an exciting game with several ties and lead changes — considerably closer than many commentators anticipated given that last time the sides met, at last year’s WFTDA Championships, Texas more than doubled Denver’s score with a 298-129 win.

This time around, both teams played quite clean, leaving the penalty box clear for most of the game — although the Texies were at times in penalty trouble, with a couple of key jammers taking five turns in the box. In the end, Texas’ brute strength and dexterity proved too much for the visiting Denver side.

Strong and physical defense on both sides meant that neither team passed the century mark before the end of the first half. The game ended with a close score of 170 – 132, Texas. As we’ve seen time and again, one power jam can utterly negate such a point spread.

Bruising Altitude vs Firing Squad


Photo © Bill Smotrilla

In the second game, The Firing Squad and Bruising Altitude, Texas and Denver’s B-teams took the track. As with the previous game, this was a relatively even match that came down to home court advantage. The game opened close, but the Firing Squad pulled away halfway through the first period en route to a final score of 148-125, Texas. This game was hard fought, and as was the case in the earlier match, one strong power jam on either side could have easily changed the outcome.

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