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Pre-Game Rundown: Honky Tonk Heartbreakers v Hotrod Honeys

January 8th, 2017

Hey, hey, Texas Rollerfriends! The Texas Rollergirls are finally back and ready to roll into season 14 after nine long months. Our first game of the season will be February 18 at our brand new venue, the Austin Sports Center, where we hope to see you cheering from the bleachers! Get your tickets here!


This first game will be the rematch between last year’s third and fourth place teams, the Honky Tonk Heartbreakers and the Hotrod Honeys. Both of these teams are ready to fight their way to to the top this season after being in third and fourth place for the second year in a row.

25102984002_056b608459_bThe Hotrods saw a few retirees this year, including long-time Hotrod powerhouse blocker Punkin Dominion, as well as Texecutioners DeBella DeBall and Jackie Daniels (don’t worry, you can still catch them on the All-Star Texecutioners!). But the team in pink and black are ready for a fight. They’ll be adding two strong new skaters this year, including TXRG’s Rec League alumni Grace Lightning and Nashville transfer Fleur de Lethal. Be sure to watch for the classic Hotrod tornado defense with talented skaters Bo Jacks’em, LaVooDoo, and Nine Lives who will be chipping away at the Heartbreaker jammers piece by piece. As always, your eyes peeled for lightning fast jammers Kategory 5 and Hauss the Boss, who can get out of the toughest Heartbreaker defense in a flash.

26590061503_449aff7784_bFor the Heartbreakers, this is going to be the season of the gingham and gold comeback. They’ve come in fourth every year since winning champs in 2013, but this year they’ve got a few tricks up their sleeve. The Heartbreakers saw the retirement of a few skaters, including longtime blocker Fender Bender and triple threat Flash Gorgeous, but won’t be letting that stop them. They’ve picked up some talented skaters, such as Tear O’Bite, another Nashville transfer (currently out on injury, but beefing up the Heartbreaker training) and two longtime Texas Roller Derby skaters V-H8 (formerly Rasta Fury) and Elle B. Bach. Look out for the hard-hitting Heartbreaker defense with blockers such as Shiner Blond and Danke Shame as they wail on the Hotrod jammers. Be sure to watch for new Heartbreaker jammer Delirium Trigger’s fast feet to be juking the Hotrod defense and Thugs Bunny, who will be sneaking through on the lines.

“We have lost for a few seasons now, that’s been known. One thing for sure it’s a new year, new team, and new goals. Let’s face it, everyone has a secret love for the underdogs and we sure are hungry! It’s the year of the gingham because everyone wants more cowbells,” says Thugs.

We look forward to seeing you at our 2017 home opener THIS Saturday, February 18, at the Austin Sport Center, 425 Woodward St. Doors open at 5pm and we suggest getting there early to secure a parking spot. This bout will sell out, so buy your tickets in advance here. This is a family-friendly event, so bring your kids, your mom, your best friend, and your enemies! Love ya til it hurts!