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Travel team announcement

March 22nd, 2018


One thing that makes roller derby so special and important is its innovation in the often rigid and conventional world of sports, which is why we want to make an announcement… As one of the founding members of the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association, we feel that it’s our duty to make changes that better represent our sport and our community for anyone who watches.

The Texas Rollergirls have decided that in the current climate, where mass shootings happen almost daily, where 18-year-olds can legally buy guns from the trunk of a car, and where the NRA lobbies the government to keep gun laws unchanged, our league needs to update the name of our B-level travel team.

When we chose the name Firing Squad for our B-Team, we didn’t take into consideration the horror movie theme we had cultivated with our A-Team, the Texecutioners, which has always been an homage to the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. As a result, Texecutioners began to mean something different — we had come away from the original theme of a horror movie and moved into the territory of capital punishment. This move was not intentional and in order to go back to our campy horror movie roots, our B-team name is changing to the Texas Chainsaws.

Starting this year, this name will only be used during games, based on which team is playing. Outside of games, both the Chainsaws and the Texecutioners will be practicing and traveling together as the Texas Rollergirls Travel Team. We’re excited for this new model and the future it creates for us.

Love, The Texas Rollergirls!