Return to Play FAQ's (updated Feb 2023)

  1. Is derby coming back?

Yes! We are back at practice. Games for fans are on our events page and on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for more information.

  1. When are tryouts?

We host tryout twice a year during the mid season and in the fall and are cautiously keeping an eye on COVID rates and cases. Our priority right now is to return to play and to stay in play in the safest way possible. Try out information can be found here.

  1. Is there a rec league?

Rec league for the 2023 season is back! Check out the Rec League page for more info.

  1. Where/When can I catch a game?

Check out our event page to get info and tickets for next games. You can also check out our games on our Texas Rollergirls YouTube Channel and you can watch some of our Travel Team games on the WFTDA YouTube Channel as well. We also plan to post all our future games there. For fans that want to watch a game, we will also have a return to cheer plan.

  1. Is it safe to skate because of COVID?

It is safe to skate. As we see an increase of vaccinations across the US and in our state, this provides a safer way for us to return to play and practice.

  1. How are we staying safe from COVID while skating?

We are following the WFTDA Return to Roller Derby Guidelines.

  1. What happens if COVID rates rise?

As a WFTDA member league we are following the return to play guidelines and recommendations outlined by the WFTDA. We monitor the COVID cases across the counties our skaters live, work and travel in, to ensure safety. If COVID rates rise we will move to either cancel practices, or to non contact depending on where we are in the tiered guidelines outlined by the WFTDA.

  1. What happens if a skater tests positive for COVID?

If a skater tests positive for COVID, we will contact every league member that’s been in contact and all of them would ask for them to be tested and quarantined as well.